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Sell to the Bharat Shopper Persona 🚀

Are you a retail business? looking to build your future sales pipeline join us now


Why CimplePe?

Upto 40% increase in sales


Get Increased sales by offering savings schemes


Get increased visibility of your brand in tier 2, 3, & 4 Indian cities


Get immediate traffic on your newly launched products


Get an army of sales agents working for your brand


Get predicted & confirmed future sale by savings schemes


Get more traffic on your newly opened stores

Why offering Saving Schemes to Bharat is important now?  

High Buying Decision

on all Kitchen, Jewellery,  

Furnitures, Home Appliances, etc

No Credit Score

Mostly she doesn't have any credit score or even a bank account

55% Mobile Penetration

Increased mobile phone adoption in female population

Plans for future

Has fair idea of what to buy in next 3-6-12 Months

Prefers Retails Stores

She prefers retails stores for big purchases over online shopping

Increased Awareness

With more mobile adoption finance & shopping aspiration is increasing

Inherit Savings Behavior

Saves monthly from salary / family budget / rent income for future

Lack Of Trust Online

She doesn't trust online shopping for large purchases

Increased Spend

Tier 2, 3, & 4 cities are experiencing more spend on big purchases

Distribute your savings scheme


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#1 Savings Scheme App community

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